Diabetic Nerve Pain or Neuropathy Explained

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You need nerve pain relief when you suffer from  Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN), This occurs when high blood sugar levels cause damage to nerve coverings and blood vessels. As the blood flow is hindered, the vessels can no longer deliver essential oxygen to the  nerves. Over time the damage prevents messages being sent to the spinal cord and brain correctly. Either  the are too slow. incorrect or do not arrive at all. Up to half of the 18 million Americans with diabetes will develop some form of nerve damage.

Neuropathy Symptoms:

In the early stages, there are usually no obvious symptoms, which make this condition so dangerous. By the time you feel tingling, numbness or pain in your feet, the nerve damage may be well on its way to becoming established. Up to half of the 18 million Americans with diabetes will develop some form of nerve damage.
If you have diabetic nerve pain, it may be hard to do simple things such as walking or putting on your shoes.

Some people with neoropathy pain may have symptoms that include:

  • Burning, stabbing, shooting pain which is worse at night
  • tingling in the toes, ankles or hands
  •  numbness or weakness in the  hands and feet
  • pain when walking or wearing shoes
  • digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.
  • trouble passing urine
  • sexual problems
  • Tingling in the toes, ankles and hands
  • Stabbing, shooting or burning in the feet or hands that gets worse at night
  •  Pain when wearing shoes or standing.

Severe neuropathy includes:

  • chronic pain
  • immobility
  • loss of sensation such that injuries are not perceived.
  • severe pain,
  • possible amputation, and even death.

Often the sufferer simply does not believe what is happening until the nerve pain is more advanced. This is to be avoided as treatment works far better in the early stages and can avoid or delay permanent damage.

Treatment and Prevention:

The most important issue for a diabetic is keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Measures diabetics can use to prevent or delay further damage or lessen the symptoms include:

  • Keep you blood sugar level as close to  target range as possible with meal planning, physical activity and medications, if necessary.
  • Limiting alcohol to one a day.
  • Take good care of your feet and check them every day. If they are less sensitive to pain, you might not notice an injury.
  • Protect your feet. If your feet are dry, use a lotion on your skin but not between your toes, and wear shoes and socks that fit well.
  • Have your feet checked regularly.
  • Suitable exercise.
  • Suitable supplements.
  • Consulting your doctor with signs of
    • digestive problems
    • sexual dysfunction
    • dizziness when arising from lying down.
  • Keep a record the type of pain, severity, duration and part of the body where it occured. Specific information can help diagnose and treat the condition.

Research and New Developments:

New treatments are constantly being researched. There are drugs, medications, homeopathic drug free medications, and electronic methods of nerve pain relief, (TENS) and The Rebuilder. The most effective treatments allow the nerve ends to relax, the blood to flow freely and deliver oxygen back to the affected zones.

Some of these new treatments may be able to reduce the risk of nerve damage and even partially restore nerve function.

Magnets are also being reviewed, to see if these can improve blood flow.

Herbal - botanical treatments from "old" medicine are also being researched, with cinnamon, chili, ginger and tumeric proving surprisingly effective against some cases of diabetes type 2.

Whatever treatment you decide to use, act fast, the sooner you receive treament the longer serious damage can be  kept away.

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Identifying diabetic patients with CAN                                                            Cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) in diabetes has been called a "silent killer", because so few patients realize that they suffer from it, and yet its effect can be lethal. 


ALA quickly and greatly reduces the severity and incidence of symptoms like burning and sharply cutting pain, numbness and prickling sensations felt in diabetic neuropathy. Free radical damage is thought to contribute.
Diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage affects 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes. The highest rates of neuropathy are found in those that have had diabetes for a long period of time and in those with poor glucose control

 Antioxidants Reverse the Effects of Diabetic Neuropathy                                 This resulting DNA damage is a major contributing factor in diabeticneuropathy. The key to counteracting free radicals is introducing antioxidants.

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